Ensaios sobre a distância — 距离的试验研究


ALREADY MADE exhibition, at oMuseu (FBAUP), Porto. (June 2016)


Essays on Distance   "Ensaios sobre a distância - 距离的试验研究"  is a publication holding together several photographic essays and objects regarding the proximity and simultaneous distance I feel between China and my own country, Portugal. Here, I keep a combination of different times which were registered - from slides I have chosen taken by my parents in 2002, on a trip they made to China; objects I brought with me when I went there in 2012; to photographs reflecting my view looking for the Chinese in Portuguese territory. This work is composed of several essays that unfold in several dualities where it remains the feeling of being in constant traveling.


Ensaios sobre a distância  —  距离的试验研究  (2016)

Later Ensaios sobre a distância - 距离的试验研究 was exhibited in two exhibitions: ALREADY MADE and As Fotografias e o Resto #02 in the Museum of FBAUP, and took an open format unfolding some of the photographs from the publication along with others that kept that same dialogue between times and spaces. Photographs taken by my parents in China, 14 years ago, silver gelatin prints of tender and symbolic moments, and colour photographs; all making the connection of distance, between presence and absence, past and future, Portugal and China. 
I will leave Portugal and I don't know when I will come back. So the work is too, in the end, a farewell.

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