Prints and Books


self-making machines, 2018 

Photolithography in 4 colours;
Offset printing in Barbizon Crayon 300gr.

Edition of 30 // 25 available for sale.


Photons (2016 - Now)

Unique Diasec Prints,

1/1, 95x60cm.

Photons is a series of photographs where abstract landscapes are created (and imagined), where new ways of seeing arise to the surface with the mixture of analogue and digital natures. The combination of the two brings us an extension to the vocabulary of Photography - tackling at the same time the nature of Painting and therefore the act of painting with light; what Photography is in its etymology.

These images come from scans of negative films that were half exposed to light. They are photographs made without a camera using only direct light and direct technologies - the scanner and the sensitive film, hence the title for a self-referential work of the Photographic medium. Light is made of photons, being photon the smallest visible particle/wave of light, so the title becomes part of the reference for this dance of light between the sensitivity of the film and the light on the scanner that digitizes and enlarges these small landscapes.

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