Simulations, inkjet prints, fake plastic plant, optical fiber lamp, toy car; variable dimensions.
Onde o Vento vai dar a Volta exhibition, in Mundano Gallery, Porto. (May 2016)


Simulations  (2016)

Setting the Internet as a space of infinite possibility of images and links between themselves, the line between real and fake is lost in the horizon of a google earth landscape. A virtual world of self referential metaphors that look to repeat and plagiarize reality into new languages. Edited, recreated, transformed as versions of itself looking for the simultaneous cybernetic and human perfection.
The white wall assumes itself as a white screen where slowly, the images become dispersed and separated from their initial origin and from what was left behind, towards a contrast of the clean, the high resolution, and hyper realism...

Simulations was exhibited collectively with Sara Carneiro and Luis Santos in the exhibition Onde o vento vai dar a volta at Mundano Gallery. 
The work was created and installed with different kinds of images and with some found objects, like the optical fiber lamp and a toy car, all combined from various artificial and simulated natures, of copies and virtual realities; from the video-game Grand Theft Auto V, Google Earth and Google Maps, to Google Images browser, Youtube and other websites - where a proximity to a perfect aesthetic realism is constantly tried.

By exploring the appropriation and the circulation of images through the Internet, I want to question how this deep and layered transformation of the image and Photography’s contemporary use, alters our perception of reality.

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