The City as a Playground


Artist Is Present Gallery’s Opening exhibition, Shenzhen. (December 2018)


The City as a Playground (2018)

The work The City as a Playground started as a series of photographs that show us several situations where the yellow colour is used as an architectural element to solve certain problems found in our everyday living. From warning signs to constraining structures, to straps of tape to catch mosquitoes; a simple element as a coloured line can redefine how we perceive our surroundings and avoid certain circumstances we might have had encountered: to not fall, to reorient our steps and our paths, to avoid staying beside certain trees of flowers, to not get too close. To learn how objects should be like and how we should behave with them. These yellow lines and elements are put all over the city to shape its territory to be calculated and corrected, they are put there as a limit for what is to be unmoved or untouched, to what not to do. 

The work has now taken the form of video-performances and site installations leading me to experiment further with this idea of boundaries and limitations that we impose around us. Whether installing it on a public space context or an indoors and private space, the work extends into a different form every time.

Printed and signed edition of 5 :  60x40cm / 40x26cm.


While I was in the studio of the artist Brittan Aebischer, my work there became an interplay of my own artistic vision and aesthetics into that of another artist’s process and work space, making it an invasive but transformative action.

This silent performance was a processual work of imposition and composition, which at the end lead to a kind of curated exhibition within the artist work space. The Studio as a Playground intents to pose new questions about how we as artists appropriate objects, redesign spaces, and make our interventions more meaningful. Objects were moved, art tools constrained and the studio became a different playground with a new set of rules.


The Studio as a Playground

Installation in the studio of the artist Brittan Aebischer at Level 5, Shenzhen. (December, 2018)