Jardim do Éden exhibition, Centro Hospitalar Conde Ferreira, Porto. July 2016.


Untitled, 2016

With this work I continue to explore our perception of reality, but presenting itself as a body - in a way it's a gesture to try to return the plant back to its nature, re-contextualizing the object.
But, what is the natural habitat for plastic plants? It's a gesture that preserves its flaw of doing something in vain. This action only leaves the record of this performance, and of this wish which is only materialized in its process.
I planted my plastic plant in the garden of this space and in the room, inside, I presented 3 Polaroid photographs of that action - one of the hole, another of the plant in it and another of the overall garden.
The work invites us outside into the garden to find the plant. But with the passage of time this plant slowly camouflages with the rest of the vegetation around it, thus creating a game of simultaneous presence and absence.